Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book of Oot

Trying this again, came out too big last time. I'm trying to get a Flickr account set up, and uploaded scans of the last remaining Book of Oot. The others were given away, as were the posters made after those original 5 books, and the original linocuts were destroyed (my dad threw out the board they were mounted on. My fault, I left it in his garage). The Book of Oot was a final project for a beginning printmaking class at UCONN, the titles were from vintage letterpress in the basement of the studio, the books handbound in Japanese style. The subject, a desperate last minute attempt to come up with a freakin' idea.


  1. I loved this and shared it on facebook as well as Avatars United!

  2. Very impressive work! Not sure which one I like the best. I do like the "city" image near the end. That one strikes a chord. Your use of texture in these are wonderful and really take advantage of the "printing process". Love the checkered floor. Love the fluidity of many of the figures/faces. Nice work!

  3. Thanks! Sean, the texture is mostly a result of the process in this case. The checkered floor thing, well, that's just an addiction ;). Fills up space, gives or screws up perspective, as you please ;). Ima....if you ever check back...I just joined Avatars United to see where you might have possibly posted it and have no idea. At least I didn't feel like a complete phony, though I have admittedly neglected my Warcraft characters lately. I think they're feeling totally abandoned ;).