Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early Printmaking Efforts

The nature of this particular beast would imply that I should have a few of these hanging around somewhere. I might, though I seem to remember giving away most of them as last minute gifts over the years.....a poet type friend owns most of the Dante's Inferno series I did (mostly etchings and a mezzotint, mostly sucky, being all initial attempts at various methods, though I was rather fond of the mezzotint, featuring as it did the ninth circle of hell....Judas, gnawing on the head It's been awhile). Here we have a linocut of a Day of the Dead inspired skeleton, and one of the other circles of hell. In a future post, I'll scan in what was my proudest achievement in printmaking, the one book I ever finished (apart from some really shoddy attempts at making a 'zine in the mid-90's), "The Book of Oot". I'll elucidate on that later. It'll be good, I promise.

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