Saturday, June 19, 2010


I went to UConn from '86-'91, it turned into a five year plan because I switched from a Russian Studies major to Fine Art after my freshman year. The art school didn't require me to take math and science (which seemed to explain the number of basketball players and sorority girls in my classes). Art school was a refuge, along with my marriage at 19....which virtually eliminated any need to finish developing social skills. That's the's some of the work from the time......
First......a view from the porch of our apartment in Willimantic. In the house pictured, lived a woman with her retarded adult daughter. The mother enjoyed throwing knives at that tree, along with finding reasons to call the ambulance at least once a week. Her other daughter, a junkie, lived next door. Hopefully, I'll unearth the photographs I took of *her* children, who used to wander into our apartment looking for milk and food.

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