Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mostly long destroyed sculptures

I wound up taking a couple of welding classes, but I was supposedly a "ceramic sculpture" major. I only got to take one of the proper ceramics classes, the lady who gave most of the courses wouldn't let me into the tightly knit group of students who had decided earlier in their matriculation to devote themselves to worship of her. So, I did most of my stuff independently, under the deranged and almost entirely uninvolved tutelage of Ray. I forget his last name. He made a lot of gigantic bronze pieces of men's penises, and liked to sink his former student's work in the pond outside the converted mill he'd turned into his home. I didn't really like Ray, but he really liked my husband. The nicest piece here, the things that look a little like geese talking to each other, actually won a $300 prize at the senior show. Whoopee. It cracked in transit when I moved to Portland, but that didn't stop someone from buying it for a hundred when I moved back. The drums were fun, I gave those to my ex-BIL, who is still a musician...and might even still have them. The "Gate", is no longer a gate. The individual schlumpy pieces have been relocated by my dad around the yard, where they house thriving hornet populations every summer.

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