Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pyxis

After graduation, and after deciding that I didn't like working in a greenhouse in July, I got a job as a receptionist at a web printers in West Springfield. They'd just started up at the time, and we were printing real estate catalogues and massive junk mailings for some evangelist guy. I probably should have stayed there, I enjoyed learning about stripping and ink mixing, but they wouldn't let me near the presses. I spent a lot of my time writing letters on the typewriter. I was so emboldened by making $10 an hour, I got divorced. I spent approximately 6 months living by myself in downtown Springfield, living very dangerously. It was a time when I might have done something like, oh, I don't know, learn how to be independent. But it didn't last long. Anyway, one of my bosses had a boat, and a rich wife. I got to ride on the boat during an employees day off, and got so drunk on wine coolers that I wound up in Rhode Island instead of Springfield when I tried driving home after the day on the boat out of Mystic. Later, Chris Knode, one of the nicest bosses I ever had (despite telling me I didn't dress professionally enough....and brought me his wife's hand me downs so I could look a little nicer, and saying that if I was ever going to make more than $10 an hour, I'd have to get an MBA. I declined. But I did take him up on his request that I make this painting of his boat. Oh, and he wasn't right about the $10 an hour thing. Twenty years later, I have gotten up to $11 !!!! dollars an hour, dispatching drivers from an autopart store and putting away merchandise. Huzzah!

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