Monday, July 26, 2010

Printmaking Stuff

Spent the first non-humid afternoon since I picked these up getting around to cleaning the rust off the book press. I've wanted one of these forever (even though a roller/etching press would probably be more useful), and hadn't seen one since college in the printmaking studio. While reading Studley's "Making Artist's Tools" (1979), he mentions their eminent usefulness, as well as the unlikelihood of ever actually finding one, since they've all been snapped up, and for chuckles, I took a browse through Craigslist. Wound up getting this one for $150, and the type-case for a hundred. Thought that was a pretty good deal (I was feeling flush after a couple weeks of full time hours). Of course, it'll be a terrible deal if I don't get off my ass and actually start printing with it, but.....for the moment, I'm just feeling all warm and fuzzy about how I got it looking all shiny today. Before's and after's follow the pics of the typecase I still might get around to polishing. Maybe evicting the wee mousies was enough.