Sunday, August 8, 2010


Began working on a project I've been chewing on since finding a $2 beading loom during one of my regular Goodwill visits. Finally picked up the other required supplies yesterday at Michael's (which of course cost many times the cost of the bead loom itself....Silk thread for the warp: $1.99. Nylon beading thread...half off 9.99 with the coupon. (4) 10g tubes of Japanese seed beads (Delicas)....preferable to regular seed beeds which are less uniform and have a smaller interior $2.99 each. One pkg of gold/bronze mixed seed beeds (couldn't find that color in the Delica assortment there, these were a larger pkg and cheaper, and of course are screwing up the spacing.
Spent a good 2-3 hours drawing the graph, as the graphs I found online didn't appeal, and another 3 getting the first few rows completed. Am now at the point where one of the eventual four squirrels, for a design measuring about 1.5 inches by 6.5", is visible, and at about the 7 hour mark.
Here's a still of the work, I've taken two 5 minute videos showing the process, which I will attempt to get on here somehow, I expect their size may exceed what Blogger will allow and may have to upload it to YouTube and then link it...something else I've never tried. Pics and videos all taken with the photobooth feature on my MacBook.
A better version on the beadlooming demo can be found here. Suffer along with the technophobe..... Part One  and    Part Two of Adventures in Bead Looming with Skwrl. However, I obviously have some more learning to do, as YouTube compressed them as weirdly as Blogger did. Files too large, maybe. On the upside, I appear to be moving very fast, sort of appropriately squirrely. Thanks for looking :).