Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 As I have woefully neglected this blog lo these many months, due to being busy with life, I am beset with guilt. I *have* actually done a couple of neat things. First, the most recent.....Mach 1 of Squirrel Hat. I will have to acquire more gray faux fur for Mach 2, though I do still have some furry type stuff that might pass, it's just the wrong color, I think.
This would be me beckoning to a facsimile of the squirrel I imagine luring back to my apartment for hot squirrel sex.  Yeah, no. Honestly, I really just want to get one to eat a nut out of my hand, like they apparently do for all sorts of people who don't even particularly like squirrels. And while I am not so far gone as to think a squirrel would be  stupid enough to mistake me for an extremely large, nut bearing member of his species; I do hold fondly to my superstitious belief that if I continue to nurture my squirrel obsession, that one day, my dream will become a reality.    

Squirrels aside, my main artycrafty endeavor the past couple of months has been carving wooden puppet heads with the intent of bringing Hans Rickheit's Cochlea and Eustacia (from his Chrome Fetus strips) to life. I've never carved wood like this before, other than a bit of woodblock printing....mostly I've done more 'additive' sculpture techniques, which are much, much easier. Consequently, due both to my inexperience and my desire to create the perfect representation of the girls to Hans' exacting standards....the work is going slowly. Slowly, but delightfully (as I've gotten rather dependent on only working on the girls when Hans is there to suggest what should happen to them next). To be perfectly honest, they are entirely his creation, I have only provided the hands and materials to bring his vision into three dimensions. After the heads, will come the torsos, and the limbs....and the strings.....and then...if the Underbrain wills it.....puppet movies, yay!