Monday, May 30, 2011

First Stringing Efforts

Since the last update, the puppets have their hair glued on and styled, more or less (superglue was the best method of attachment, hair gel and securing the hair while drying to the neck with an elastic helped it follow the curve of the neck better).....and the dresses completed. After experiments with oxford cloth, we found that repurposed silky polyester from a thrift store nightgown had the better drape and cling....then I just did a basic bodice attached to a gathered skirt, attached at the back with a hook/eye closure and added straps to get the right height on the bosom.
Strung them for the first time this afternoon (Hans cringed and worried while I drilled through their heads;), and was very pleased to see them animated without having to hold onto their bodies. Still need to work on building the right controller. Right now, they're on simple ones I took off some old Pelham puppets I had from childhood. I'm going to try and do a sort of vertical German version, with a removable, hinged device for the hands.

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