Monday, May 2, 2011

Puppet Update May 2, 2011

Haven't updated in some time, my apologies. Quite a bit of progress.....the problem with the feet snapping off at the ankles was solved by sinking eyehooks in the feet and covering them with putty, then recarving the area. The heads are now in no danger of decapitation thanks to Hans' brilliant solution of a horizontally placed screw. Paint (and their identifying masks!) has been applied (needs to be touched up due to recent surgery)..... Wigs have been started by bleaching hair saved from my yoot....initial wefts sewn, but must be redone, then applied to wig caps made from chamois. Dress material decided upon....sewing to commence soon. And most notably (and easiest of all of these to be accomplished!), the girls now bend at the waist thanks to being sawn in half and hinged back together, giving them a much more satisfyingly human slumping ability.
Soon we will begin addressing how to string them, so they can achieve true puppet mobility....any suggestions (we hope to avoid unsightly tiny eyehooks) are welcome!

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