Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stills from the puppets

Having posted mostly just the occasional video of the puppets, I thought I'd throw in a few stills I've taken over the last couple of months. Currently still working on finding the right material for the dresses, and figuring out how to get the hair to lie against the neck properly. My hair has never behaved properly while it's still on my head, so I shouldn't be surprised it's giving me trouble in the transplants on C&E. Sigh. Hair. In the good old days, I would've just.....

But lately, the follicles seem a bit more precious. Anyway.....stills of puppets as promised:


  1. hi there

    whew now that i am catching up on facebook stuff and finally saying hello- i have kept up a bit with puppet related things- they look beautiful- when are you guys going to start to make films? i am trying to get this big old art space here in stockholm to bring this friend of mine(erik ruin, hans knows him some)- though the town is actually pretty full of "dockteatern" (puppet theaters) and the like- at any rate, i am exited to see the 3 dimensional progression of things i have seen only on paper for about a decade or so now- - - - very cool- - - - -

  2. Hello Katt! Thank you for the nice comments. We're still a ways off from filming, though we've been regularly collecting props and mentally planning out the sets. Still need to make a couple more puppets, figure out a script, paint backdrops, build the sets...borrow camera gear...a LOT still to do. Probably once I move up to Hawley the pace will pick up, as work on them won't be limited to weekends and all my tools & equipment will be in one place. I hear you're doing great things in Sweden, and I wish you the best!